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1. about returns

Though we have confidence that you would be satisfied with the product from us, but you maybe still need to return an item for some reasons. We aim to keep the process as simple as possible.

Our terms fully comply with the International Selling Regulations and do not affect your statutory rights.

Faulty Goods

If you need to send something back for an exchange or refund because its ‘our fault’ i.e. the product is faulty, not right one as you ordered, not as described or damaged, we will need your help return it via the postal service and we will refund 100% money to you after delivery. For customers with larger items/or orders, you have to contact our after-sale service team before any return, please kindly send your details to support@PCBBay.com, our team will suggest the best solution for you.

If the returned product was not in original condition (have been used) as we sent then we can’t refund the relevant money to you as agreement.Generally, we cannot ship out a new product for exchange before the original product arrived.

We aim to process returns/refund efficiently; you may place a new order online if you wish to get a right product faster, then we can refund your 1st order money when the unwanted product was delivered to us.

Any further unmentioned case/situation, please send email to: support@PCBBay.com ,We are here to support you always.

Basic Requirements for Successful Return

1. Any outlook flaw should be reported to us within 15 days after the parcel was signed or we will assume outlook is accepted already;

2. All the returned items must be in original condition.

3. All the items must be returned with all original packaging and accessories.

You can reference: Warranty Policy

2. Returned program

Step 1. Please check Warranty Policy. Send an email to support@PCBBay.com to classify the reason for return and apply for a RMA number.

Step 2. PCBBay clients will check your email and may contact you for detailed information within 24 hours. Your RMA will be replied within 2 business days. If your case matches with our returned policy, you will get a RMA code and our returned address.

Step 3. Please mark out the RMA code on the returned parcel and email to support@PCBBay.com with the tracking number.

Step 4. PCBBay will email to inform you once received. The returned product will be tested and an approved result will be send to your email within 7 business days. If your request is rejected, we will list out the policy for not in conformity.

Step 5. PCBBay will negotiate with you the details on how to return and refund.