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How to generate Gerber files from Diptrace

How to export Diptrace PCB to gerber files

step 1 : export gerber file from Diptrace, just select [File] -> [Export] -> [Gerber].

step 2 : Click [Export All] and save all the layers

step 3 :  export the NC Drill files.

step 4. Check and Verify the outputed Files  

It is necessary and important to proofread the exported Gerber files and drilling files.

how to open the outputed Files and check it ? please upload your zip file to here , you can see the renderings of exported Gerber files and drilling files online. For complex PCB, it is recommended to open it by the software "CAM350".


step 5. Make ZIP file with all Gerber files and get a quotation

If everything looks OK, Please zip them into a .zip or .rar archive file. You can get a quotation on the PCBBay quotation page.